From Princess to Hostess – New Bridal Trend

When the day of your dreams is a nightmare for guests, your wedding might be remembered for all the wrong reasons.

Wedding venues are no longer confined to comfortable neighborhood churches or hotels.  Couples are moving their nuptials  to a variety of non-traditional sites.  One is no longer surprised to receive an invitation to join a bride and groom at a park, beach, barn, farm, or scenic overlook.

Non-traditional venues make for lovely wedding photos, but your guests may remember more than that spectacular mountain view. Often venues sell themselves to potential brides by focusing on the bride’s day and skipping the guests’ experience.  They will play up the fact that the bride is a princess and forget that on her big day she is also a hostess.

Muddy hikes, port-a-potties, long drives into the wilderness, and sweating (or freezing) through ceremonies are becoming common complaints by wedding guests.  Asking your well-wishers to park a half-mile away from the venue and wait for a golf cart shuttle might make for an unenthusiastic crowd by the time they reach your ceremony.  Many non-traditional sites are especially uninviting to guests with accessibility issues.

Matt and Heather Naas recognized the trend of non-traditional wedding venues and designed 4 Points Farm with the idea that the Bride and Groom want to be amazing hosts to their guests.  The property is conveniently located within 5 miles of Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge,  with no steep mountain roads.   Convenient parking is provided for all guests.  Accessibility is not an issue at 4 Points Farm; the venue provides handicapped parking, a ramp, and a handicap-accessible bathroom.  The barn venue is climate-controlled and designed with both the couple and their guests in mind.

When choosing your wedding venue, keep your guests in mind and you will have a wedding that is remembered for all the right reasons. For more information on the venue at 4 Points Farm visit them at .


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