Wedding Budget Hacks for 2017

So EVERYONE has seen the ring and heard the story of your romantic proposal.  Now the reality of organizing your big day sets in.  Wedding planning can feel overwhelming, especially when you start talking numbers.  Keeping your wedding on budget doesn’t have to be hard.  Here are some great hacks to keep your big day from costing big bucks.

Choose a Destination Wedding

Having a destination wedding sounds expensive, but it doesn’t have to be.  If your family and your groom’s family live far apart, “meeting in the middle” in a popular place like Gatlinburg can be a great way to show compromise and keep your budget in check.  If you and your fiance are from the same town, your guest list may start looking overwhelming.  Taking your wedding on the road is perfect if you want to reduce your guest list without hurting feelings.

Hire A Coordinator

The best way to stay on budget is to hire a wedding coordinator.  The idea of using a professional planner may sound “la-tee-da”, but it is sure to save you some green.  A coordinator is great for your budget for 2 reasons:

  • 1-She can shop, bid, and work with you to make your wedding fit your finances. You give her a budget to work and she will  WORK that budget.
  • 2-She has connections with local vendors for discounts.

Choose a Venue with Added Value

When choosing a venue, you really can’t compare apples to oranges.  A venue that provides tables, chairs, linens, etc. will always save you money as compared to renting these items from a local vendor.  Little details add up- so make sure you won’t need to hire a parking attendant, or provide portable bathrooms, etc.  Ideally, choose a venue that allows you to choose your own vendors or DIY which will open all sorts of doors for saving money.

Think Outside the Box when it Comes to Wedding Dates & Times

Getting married on a Sunday or a weekday can cut the cost of a venue by as much as half.  Morning weddings are also trending and are a great way to reduce your venue cost.  What could be sweeter than a coffee bar, morning paper themed wedding programs, and breakfast goodies?

Feed a Crowd on a Budget

Food and drink can strain your budget, but there are ways to keep feeding a crowd from breaking the bank.

Snacks- Not a meal.  You can choose a wedding time that does not necessitate feeding your guests a full meal.   Mid-afternoon wedding times tell your guests that you’ll be serving snacks and cake, instead of a lunch or supper.   Before you roll your eyes at the thought of keeping the food on the snacky side, realize we’re not talking cheese and crackers. Think fun instead of fancy.  Serving snacks can allow the bride and groom to show their personality.  An ice cream bar or Movie-themed popcorn and candy bar are a couple of our favorite ideas.

Budget Friendly Meals.  So you want to get married at sunset and serving a meal is inevitable. No worries.  Keep in mind that a buffet is always less expensive than plated dinners.  When it comes to food choices BBQ always comes in as the most budget-friendly.   Taco and nacho bars are also growing in popularity.

Breakfast saves the day.  Remember that morning wedding time we suggested?  The benefits are doubled when you realize that breakfast is a very budget-friendly meal to serve your guests.  A continental  breakfast is fun and super-budget friendly.  Fresh fruit, donuts, muffins, coffee cake……your guests will fondly remember your unique wedding.

Keep the booze simple

A dry wedding will help you keep your budget in check, but you can still partake without blowing the bank.

Champagne toast–  Keeping the alcohol to a simple toast is festive but cost-effective.

Signature drink– Instead of stocking a full bar ($$$$) try coming up with a signature drink to share with your friends and family.  Maybe a margarita in honor of your beach honeymoon, or a screwball in honor of your first date at a ballgame.  Keep it personal and yummy, and let your guests know the back story.

Stay on track with these clever hacks, and be sure to check out 4 Points Farm if you need the perfect venue for your perfect day.




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