Welcome to 4 Points Farm!  We are excited to share our venue with you.

Download a printable version here: Vendor Welcome

~Please scroll down to see instructions for different vendors.~

Our vendor flexibility sets us apart from other venues in the area.  Here is some helpful information to make sure that your experience (and your customer’s) is the best it can be.

All Vendors (General Info)

If you need to tour the property before the day of the event please call Heather Naas (865) 654-9735 to set up a meeting time.

  • Our address is 3692 Old Birds Creek Rd Sevierville TN 37876. If you are googling directions use “4 Points Farm” not “four points farm”.


  • The vendor entrance is located on the back/right corner of the barn. The door leads to a “vendor staging room”. Please don’t drive on or park on the grass, even to unload. Do not drive onto or park on the patio.


  • Please hold deliveries until 11:00 the day of your event. Any tents or rentals must be off the property before 10:00 a.m. the day after the wedding. If an earlier time is needed, please call me and I will do my best to accommodate. 865-654-9735


  •   NO PETS are allowed at 4 Points Farm.  If you have a service animal and need its assistance during your work at the venue, you must complete our registration form and receive approval.  Service animals must be leashed, harnessed, or tethered at ALL times. Renters are responsible for their vendors & guests.  Failure to adhere to our policies will result in a $1000 breach-of-contract fee to your client.


  • No vehicles longer than 26 feet or heavier than 8 tons are allowed on site. Mobile bars or entertainment trucks must tour farm with owner before event. Parking on grass is not guaranteed, and will be decided by me on the day of the event.  (Alternate parking is available that will still work well for event.) Damage to landscaping or paving will be charged to bride and vendor.


  • Parking No parking on the grass or patio- even for unloading.



There will be a copy of our USERS’ GUIDE at the venue when you check in.  Here is a copy to download before you arrive. Welcome Guide Book

PLEASE READ the guide to avoid glitches or extra charges for your bride.


Some important dos and don’ts from bride’s rental agreement…..Please do not use thumbtacks nails, or tape when decorating.  Please do not hang decorations from the chandeliers inside or the café lights outside. No artificial flower petals or confetti may be thrown– this includes flower girls.  Sparklers should be used outside only and disposed of in sand bucket. (We have one next to vendor door.) The venue rental ends at 11.  At that time a cleaning crew will show up, turn on the lights, and clean for approximately an hour.  To avoid the cleaners bumping into guests, please have last-call no later than 10:00. Music should end by 10:30.  You have from 11 to midnight to remove all décor that does not belong to the barn.  Out of respect to our cleaners, and to avoid extra charges, please make sure you are packed up by midnight.



 Please no nails, tacks, screws, or pins in the venue or on the arbors.  These cause permanent damage and brides will be charged $250/hole.  Any vases or arbors you provide need to be picked up by 10 a.m. the morning after the wedding.

DJs/Sound & Light Techs

We have dedicated circuits on the outlets nearest the large barn doors -both outside and inside. Please do not park vehicles on the grass or patio to unload equipment.   We do not have wifi, so please prepare accordingly.


Speakers are allowed outside for ceremony music. For reception, please place speakers inside the venue and let music “spill out” to the patio OR minimize outside speakers. We may look secluded, but we do have neighbors (both cow and human.)  When it comes to volume, think dance party – not rock concert. If you have an SLP meter, our max is 80 decibels.


Please remember that rental time ends at 11:00 and our cleaners arrive promptly.  As emcee of the reception, please help this go smoothly by ending music by 10:30. The cleaning crew arrives promptly and will turn on the lights.




We have a large fridge and freezer on site as well as counter space. No on-site cooking is allowed. (No cooking stations, portable ovens, or outdoor grills.) Please dispose of all food and clean up any spills.  Please do not use our farmhouse tables to serve hot food. Take all dishware-silverware with you at the end of the night. If items are rented please store them outside the vendor door on the concrete.

Any alcohol must be served by a licensed/insured bartending service.  No cash bars are allowed.  We respect our bartenders and their decision to deny service to guests/ bridal party members who do not have proper ID or who appear intoxicated.  No alcohol may be served after you leave. Please box-up and store away alcohol upon your departure.  Violation of alcohol policy will result in a $1000 breach of contract payment by the Renter.  We ask for last-call no later than 10:00 p.m.



Thanks for tagging us in your social media posts.  We are on Face Book and our Instagram handle is @4PointsFarmpics.  Please do not move the bridal lounge couch outdoors.  Drones are welcome outside the venue.


All Vendors

Thanks for sharing your talents with us.

If you enjoyed your time at the farm, please send me more information and I can add you to our “Preferred Vendor” list that I send to brides. 4pointsfarm@gmail.com  We love to promote businesses that follow procedures and work well with other vendors.


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