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Yes! You are welcome to have a photo shoot before your big day. You may even bring your fur baby to pose with you. Have your photographer contact me to make an appointment and we will make sure you have the farm all to yourself!
As the months pass before your wedding, I am always just an email or a phone call away as questions arise. You will have payments due a month after you sign your contract and one month before your wedding. You may go to to request I ring up your card on file, or you may mail a check. You are welcome to re-visit the venue as you make your plans. I don't usually attend these planning meetings, but will be available on the phone. To schedule a re-visit just email me and I will get you on the schedule. The month before your wedding I will be in touch to get the details of your big day- vendors, estimated guest count, etc. We will also schedule your rehearsal.
We will be working hard to make sure that the venue is just perfect for you. I will be in touch with last minute tips and instructions. Keep an eye on your email!
Your rehearsal time is not decided until 30 days before your wedding. Why? The short answer is that the day before your wedding is still open for rent, and to schedule your rehearsal time would in essence block that day from being rented. Your rehearsal time will either be at 9 a.m. or 4 p.m. the day before your wedding. The standard start time for a rehearsal dinner is 7 p.m. This gives out-of-town guests ample time to get in town.
Either at 9 a.m. or 4 p.m. on the day before your wedding. We allow a 1 hour rehearsal the day before your wedding. If there is an event planned the evening before you get married, then your rehearsal will be at 9 a.m. (Because the venue is promised to another party at noon.) What if all the bridesmaids and groomsmen won't be in town at 9 a.m./ 4 p.m.? Your entire bridal party does not need to be at the rehearsal- just the officiant, bride & groom and coordinator. If someone is walking you down the aisle, it is great for them to be there as well. Remember you will have the venue for several hours before your ceremony on your wedding day. If you want your bridesmaids and groomsmen to practice walking and standing in their spots, they can also do that on the day of the wedding.
Why yes, I do. This Pinterest board has pictures of our decor. Copy and paste the link into your browser.
Wine Barrels -About 3 ft tall and about 22" diameter top
Mason Jars- 20 half gallon 48 quart
Candles- 48 count Votive Size: D4.3 cm H 10.0 cm Tealight Size: D 4.0 cm x H 5.5 cm
Lanterns-5.5L x 5.5W x 13H in
Barn Doors- Drapes should be 24 feet wide and 15 feet long.  If you are framing the door with material,  you need at least 54 feet (18 yards) of material.
Arbor- 4 feet wide and 7 feet tall
We love a positive vibe, but sometimes the answer is NO. Here is a list of NOs for ease of reference


Pets 🐶 Flames (except a unity candle or buffet heaters) Bonfires 🔥 Fireworks 🎆 Smoking/Vaping inside 🚬 Silk (fake) petals thrown on patio  🥀 Confetti (except water-soluble)  🎊   Cooking on-site  🍳 Crafting on-site  🖌️   Parking on grass  💚 Parking/driving on patio 🚗 Spraying champagne inside or on patio 🍾 Alcohol without a licensed & insured bartending company 🍷 Friends/Family as bartender  - "Tailgating" in the parking lot 🍺 Cash Bar 💵 Décor hung from lights or chandeliers Nails, tacks, or screws (even in arbors)  🔨 Cigarette butts tossed anywhere but ashtrays outside 🗑   Music after 10:30 p.m. 🎸
All 10 acres is yours on your big day. You are welcome to say your vows wherever you wish. We do ask that our garden and chiavari chairs stay on the patio. You are welcome to bring in chairs, benches, or hay bales to create your unique ceremony.
The bridal party are guaranteed the venue at noon. Please plan accordingly. We will have cleaners on-site early on your wedding day for touching up, and I will perform an inspection as well. Your custom linen count will be readied. I will text as soon as the venue is ready. That may be a bit earlier than noon, but I will not know until the day of your wedding. If you have several bridal party members needing hair and makeup and you want to be ready early, please arrange for hair and makeup at a salon or at your hotel. You can still get dressed and take care of last minute touch-ups in the bridal lounge for pictures.
Especially during busy seasons, your vendors may need to drop-off or set-up early. We are happy to accommodate. Just have them reach out to me and I will work it out. Family, Guests and Bridal party may not have access to the venue until it is inspected and cleared day of. Plan for noon. Setup and decorating typically take 60-90 minutes.
You may have noticed that I can make accommodations for professionals to arrive at the venue before the official start time, but I do not allow the bridal party or family in early. This is a common WHY question I am happy to answer. 1)Professionals may be handling several events on the same day, and an early delivery or start may be their only option. 2)Professionals are just that....professional. They arrive with their heads down and ready to complete their to- do list. This is another "day at work" for them, and they are focused on the job at hand. We can work side by side quietly and efficiently. 3) Friends and family ARE 100% emotionally connected with your Big Day, and that is wonderful. If they arrive before our crews are finished, they may be disappointed to find a lightbulb out, or some trash in the parking lot, or a rental company taking down a rented tent. When family arrive before we have finished our preparations, they often slow down the process of us getting the venue perfect for you. You deserve The Best, and we appreciate you giving us the time to properly prepare the venue for you. Please plan for a noon arrival for family and bridal party.
Our policy is the same regardless of the amount of alcohol being served. If any alcohol is going to be consumed, it must be served by a licensed/ insured bartending company. They are usually $25-$40 and hour. If your caterer has their license & insurance to serve they can easily help with your champagne toast.
The short answer is no. We love when friends and family help with your wedding day, and that is reflected in our leniency with coordinating, decorating, flowers, and music vendors. Alcohol is something we want a professional, not a friend, serving. "Even if" very few people are drinking, "even if" you are only serving beer, "even if" you buy a liability insurance policy for your wedding.... you must hire a licensed & insured bartending service. They will let you provide the alcohol and will simply take care of safe serving. Please choose one from my vendor list. This policy is not meant to judge the trustworthiness of your wedding guests. 4 Points is a family-owned business, and we appreciate your kind understanding and adherence to this rule.
Your rental time ends at 11 p.m. At that time my cleaning crew will show up, turn on lights, and start taking care of trash and bathrooms. You may work along side them until midnight- moving out any decor you don't want thrown out. We ask for last call at 10:00 p.m., music should end by 10:30. This will ease the transition for you and your guests.
We do not require security services for weddings when alcohol is being served, but we do have resources if you desire this service. The licensed and insured bartenders we require are trained to "cut-off" guests who are overserved (just as they would at a restaurant or bar.) They are instructed to call the police if a guest is behaving in a dangerous or menacing way.
If you used an outside rental company for a tent, dishes, draping, etc. the items must be off the premises by 11 a.m. the day after your wedding. (I say off the premises because taking down a tent is a lengthy process.) Please communicate this to your rental company in advance so that they may plan accordingly.
Sure! Your photographer is welcome to use a drone outside to capture great angles of your ceremony and reception. We love drone footage. Tag us in your pictures!
We do not have wifi at the venue. We are the perfect spot for your unplugged ceremony.
Absolutely! 4 Points Farm is now a part of the story of your family. You are welcome to use our property for anniversary, pregnancy, or family photo shoots. Just reach out and I will block time for you!

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